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Electronic Lab Items

Our company is involved in trading and supplying of wide range of Electronic Lab Setup appliances. Moreover we also offer installation and upgradation of laboratory infrastructure. We offer our laboratory services with the assistance of qualified technicians and scientists. Our laboratory installation, maintenance and modernization services are highly acclaimed for the features like time adherence, competitive prices and reliability. We procure our complete assortment from the renowned vendors like Omega & Parco range.

OMEGA TYPE ACV-25 A.C. Millivoltmeter measures voltage down to 100 micro volts and up to 300 volts full scale covering @ 10 Hz to 20 KHz with an accuracy of ± 3% of full scale deflection. The instrument is fully solid state using IC’s with adequately protected input and meter circuits. The input impedance of 10 Megohms on all ranges ensures that measuring errors due to meter loading are kept to a minimum. The meter is protected against application of excess voltage. A stabilised power supply enables operation on mains supply voltage 230 ± 10% at 50 Hz without deteriorating the performance. This low cost equipment is rigid enough to be used as a general purpose test equipment by hobbyists, laboratories & manufacturers.

OMEGA TYPE ANALOG LAB is intended for elementary as well as advance training of analog electronics. The trainer covers regula analog circuits by solder-less interconnections on breadboard and as well as compatible with all optional modules, through use of 2mm brass terminals and patch cords. Various DC regulated power supplies, Function Genrator, DMM, Continuity Tester etc are in-built. The unit housed in attractive enclosure is supplied with mains cord, patch cords, Instruction manual and Component Set.

OMEGA TYPE AO-301 Audio Oscillator has been designed specifically to generate the entire range of audio spectrum. The output is provided at a very low distortion level through step and continuous attenuated control. The uniqueness of this instrument is that stable output frequency can be varied in decades.
Bridge T net-work is used for generating oscillations from 1 Hz to 110 KHz. A high transconductance frame grid pentode is used for efficient operation. Since a cathode follower is employed in stage, the output impedance of the generator is quite low.
The entire unit is housed in a well ventilated sturdy steel cabinet with enamel finish and processed silver grey front panel.

OMEGA TYPE AT-1003 PC Based Manual Antenna Trainer has been designed to provide useful tools for hands on experimentation and teaching of various commonly used antennas in UHF-Microwave band in the laboratory for students of all levels. It can be used in stand-alone mode. In this system, receiving antenna is rotated manually from 0 to 360 degrees and accordingly the signal strength can be monitored on the Receiver. It comes with a Polar plotting software for storing readings manually

OMEGA TYPE DFC-017 Digital Frequency Counter is a simple to operate but accurate and reliable test equipment. The circuit is based on a latest LSI. A built-in multiplier circuit ensures good accuracy even at low frequencies. This low cost equipment is rigid enough to be used as a general purpose test equipment by hobbyists, laboratories & manufacturers.

DIGITAL STOP CLOCK (UPTO 999.9 SEC.) OMEGA TYPE DSC-602 is a quartz controlled, 4 digit digital stop clock. It has been designed to overcome the difficulties experienced in mechanical stop clocks.

OMEGA TYPE DMM-201 is an accurate compact hand-held type Digital Multimeter with 33/4 digits liquid crystal display. The multimeter has been carefully designed to provide long reliable performance for your laboratory, workbench or portable application.

OMEGA TYPE ETB-51 Experimental Training Board has been designed specifically for plotting the forward and reverse bias characteristics of a Germanium semiconductor Diode, and a Zener Diode.The board is absolutely self contained and requires no other apparatus.
Practical experience on this board carries great educative value for Science and Engineering Students.