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We are involved in trading of wide range of Microscopes. Our complete assortment entails Olympus Microscopes. These are widely used in clinical, biological and industrial examination of various products. Microscopes are available in two variants optical and electron. Electron microscopes are used in biological examination of tiny species like microbes. Our range is provided with the high performance lenses, illumination system and anti fungus optics.
  • Monocular Microscopes
  • Stereozoom & Stereoscopic Microscope
  • CX-21 Olympus Binocular Microscopes
  • Trinocular Microscopes
  • Olympus / Sony Digital Cameras with adopters for Microscopy use only.
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  • Magnus MLX B Binocular Microscope
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Olympus CH-20i Research Microscopes
Item Code: CH20i
We are engaged in trading of Olympus Microscopes. Microscope is an instrument to view and examine various objects like chemical ingredients during the laboratory processes. These are offered in varied shapes and sizes as per the requirements of scientific laboratories. Our range is extensively used in Pathological and biological examinations. These are optical microscopes use lens to view the laboratory chemicals and materials. Our range of optical microscopes can be availed by the customers at cost effective prices.
  • CH-20i Binocular Research Microscope
  • Anti fungus optics
  • High performance aspheric lenses
  • Window in the arm section
  • SMPS circuit Illumination System
  • Parfocality & precentred objectives

  • Port of Dispatch: Delhi Ghaziabad
  • Packaging Details: Company Sealed Corrugated Box

Olympus CX-21i Binocular Microscope
Item Code: CX21i
Olympus research microscope model cx21i (binocular version) standard set complete with seidentopf binocular head, in-built 6v 20w halogen light illuminator, with anti-fungus plan achromatic objectives 4x,10x,40x (spring) & 100x (oil, spring), paired eyepieces wide field 10x (f. N. 20) in thermocole packing, manufactured under license from olympus corporation, japan.
Features :
uis2 plan infinity optics providing image flatness, seidentopf observation head for individual choice of adjustment, anti-fungus treatment for component durability, high eyepoint design eyepiece (f. N. 20), interchangeability of objectives, the abbe condenser & the light relay system fitted with high performance aspheric lenses for bright & uniform illumination, window in arm & the ergonomic design for user convenience, illumination system through smps circuit for constant voltage output, rackless stage for durability and ease of use, mechanical stage focus-lock prevents mishaps, component security - student proof.
Special Features:-
  1. Eye Piece F.N.20 =20mm Field of View
  2. Rackless Stage
  3. Plan Objectives
  4. Side n Topf Head
  5. 30 degree Inclined for ease of viw
  6. Eye Pieces Screwed No tempering possible
  7. Mechanical Stage Focus Lock
  8. Made in India

  • Pay Mode Terms: D/P (Documents Against Payment), T/T (Bank Transfer), Other
  • Packaging Details: Packed in Corrugated Box