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BOD Incubator SE-105
Double walled construction, Outer body made of MS duly Powder coated. Inner chamber mac e of SS 304. 75 mm gap between outer and inner chamber is insulated with high efficiency minera wool. Fitted with Two Air circulation fans for uniformity of the Temp.
Temp. Range: 5 °C to 60°C ± 0.5°C. Temp, controlled by Micro Processor Elect. Digital Temp. C antroller. Full view inner glass door for inspection of samples. CFC free Refrigeration system fitted with EMERSON compressor. Capacities Available: 4 / 6 /10 /12/15 Cu. Ft. Electrically operated, suitable to work on 220V, AC

Orbital Incubator Shaker (Heating) SE-384(b)
Table Top Model, Double walled construction. Outer body made of MS duly Powder coated/SS 304. Inner chamber made of SS 304 with Air circulation fans. Temp. Range: 5 °C above Ambient to 60°C ± 0.5ooC. Temp, controlled by Digital Temp. Controller. Shaker is fitted with Variable speed PMDC Drive and Digital RPM Meter. Shaker is fitted with SS Platform and SS Lotus clamps to hold the flasks.

Refrigerated Orbital Incubator Shaker SIE-384
Floor Model Specification same as of SE-384(b) but fitted with CFC free Refrigeration system.

Environmental / Humidity Chamber SE-108
Double walled construction, inner chamber made of SS 304, outer of MS sheet duly Powder coated. 75 mm gap between outer & inner chamber is insulated with high efficiency PUF Insulation The door is double walled fitted with a leakproof gasket & glass window. Humidity Range: Ambient to 95% ± 5% controlled with Imported Humidistat/ Digital Humidity Controller. Temp. Range: Ambient to 60°C controlled with thermostat/Digital temp, controller.

Horizontal Laminar Flow Bench SE-113
It is manufactured from laminated thick boards with high pressure laminates. Fitted with Stainless Steel working table. The side panels & front door are made of thick Pie glass fiited in Aluminimum Frame. Fitted with Washable, re-usable synthetic fibre glass pre-filters and HEPA Filters. Efficiency of HEPA filter is as high as 99.97%.

Vertical Laminar Flow Bench SE- 113(b)
Specifications same as in SE-113 but Air is flowing down vertically from top towards the work table. Provided with Exhaust system

Fume Hood SE-115
Fume hoods are designed to exhaust toxic & harmful vapors from the working area. Fabrical 3d out of Laminated thick boards with high pressure laminates. Interior chamber is made of Ep jxy painted/ Stainless Steel/Glazed acid proof tiles outer is finished with sunmica. Working table is fitted with SS top/Granite, Glazed acid proof tiles & SS/Ceramic sink. A motor & blower balai iced system generates negative pressure within the hood. Front door made of toughen glass with Aluminium frame moves vertically up & down with concealed counter balanced weights. Fitted with fluorescent tubes, Cock for Gas Lines and Exhaust System.

Biological Safety Cabinet SE-114
Vertical Air flow with 70% of air re-circulated. Fabricated out of thick Board duly laminated or SS 304 Fitted with Main filter HEPA filter and exhaust with HEPA filter. Provided with Virus burn out unit, Gauntlet & Glove ports. Main filter efficiency is 99.97% at 0.03 microns. The filtration systems provides a barrier of air with minimum average speed of 0.4m/sec.