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Gyratory / Rotap Sieve Shaker SE-155
This is suitable for heavy materials, powders or granules. It is run by 1/4 HP electric motor through a reduction gear. It can accommodate up to 8 Test Sieves of 8" (200mm) dia x 2" (50mm) height with one set of upper lid and bottom pan. Gyratory action involves upward and downward movement of the table. Standard gyratory motion produce inclination from the vertical axis and the direction of inclination changes continuously in the clockwise direction.

Table Top Sieve Shaker SE-154
Fitted with a FHP motor, it can accommodate six sieves of 8" dia. Speed can be regulated through a continuously variable speed regulator fitted to the unit. To work on 220/230 volts A.C. (Without Sieves) (A) For 8" dia sieves (B) For 12" dia sieves

Rotary Vacuum Pump SE-172
"Scientech" Vacuum Pumps are mounted on a heavy steel base plate, and have a wide ran ge of oil sealed pumps. Fitted with heavy duty electric motor, all pumps are V-Belt driven at a speed of 1400 RPM. Pumps are fabricated out of high grade cast iron and are worked on sophisticated m ichines to give accuracy in microns, thus leading to very high sustained vacuum. Supplied in single s age or double stage models. All "SCIENTECH" vacuum pumps are fitted with belt guard, vacuum c auge as a standard feature. To work on 220/230 volts A.C. supply.

Rotary Flask Shaker SE-140
Suitable for continuous shaking of solution in different capacities of Conical Flask/Bottles Fitted with Heavy Duty DC Motor, variable speed upto 300 RPM with speed control. Bench Top Model with Platform fitted with Neoprene Rubber Pads/Stainless Steel clamps to hold the flasks of different capacities.

Autoclave Vertical SE-101
Double Walled, Outer MS Powder Coated/Stainless Steel 304, Inner Chamber of SS 304 Lid r mde of MS with SS lining or Thick SS Plate. Lid is fitted with Radial Locking Device and Pedal Liftinc Device Autoclave is fitted with Pressure gauge, Steam release valve, Water Level and Electrically o aerated on 220V/ AC. with S. Steel Basket. Optional Accessories : (a) Automatic Pressure Control Switch (b) Low water level cut-off devi ;e. (c) Timer (d) Digital Temperature Display (e) Micro Processor Digital Pressure Control, Timer & Display.

Horizontal Autoclave SE-102 (A)
Double Walled, Outer of M. Steel/S. Steel. Inner Chamber and Boiler made of S. Steel. The whole system mounted on M.S. Tubular Stand with All necessary fittings, accessories & safety devices. Electrically operated on 220V/AC. Fitted with Automatic Pressure Switch. High Pressure Horizontal Sterilizer SE-102(B) (ii) Triple Walled, Outer Body, Boiler, Inner Chamber & Jacket Made of S. Steel. Fitted with Vacuum Breaker, Moisture Trap & Self Locking Safety device.

Rectangular Horizontal Sterilizer
Triple walled, Inner Chamber, Outer Body and jacket made of SS 304/316 sheet. The unit is rr ounted on a sturdy tubular stand. Lid is made of thick SS plate provided with radial locking system, f tted with SELF LOCKING SAFETY DOOR. Sterilizer is hydraulically tested upto 40 p.s.i. & working pres sure is adjustable from 10 p.s.i. to 20 p.s.i. ± 1 p.s.i. with Automatic Pressure switch. Also provided with steam release valve, spring loaded safety valve, Low water level cut off de /ice, automatic vacuum breaker, Digital Temp. Indicator for easy operation of the sterilizer

Portable Autoclave SE-103
Portable Vertical Autoclave is made out of thick High Quality Stainless Steel Sheet/Aluminimum, Deep Drawn to Cylindrical shape, having no joints and welding. SS/Aluminimum lid is fitted with neoprene joint less gasket. Fitted with Pressure Gauge, spring loaded safety valve and steam release valve. Provided with Stand and plug & cord. Suitable to work on 220/230 Volt, single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply.